Matty Arlo, founder of Tea Time Interior Design, was born and raised in the charming coastal town of Falmouth, England. His passion for interior design started at a young age, as he was fascinated by the way spaces could be transformed with the right design elements.

After completing his education in interior design in England, Matty set out to explore the world and gain new design inspiration. He eventually found himself drawn to the United States, where he fell in love with the energy and spirit of the people.

Today, Matty splits his time between the US and England, drawing on the rich history and design traditions of both countries to create unique and inviting spaces for his clients. He believes that a home should be a place of comfort and joy, where friends and family can gather and make lasting memories.

With Tea Time Interior Design, Matty brings his expertise and passion for design to clients across the globe. His designs are a blend of English sophistication and contemporary flair, creating a timeless elegance that is both welcoming and functional.

At Tea Time Interior Design, Matty and his team work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and preferences, creating custom designs that reflect their individual style and personality. From color palettes to furniture selection to custom window treatments, Matty considers every detail to ensure that each space is transformed into a beautiful and functional work of art.

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